and baby makes 3

Ruthie, a college friend of mine, married Johnnie a couple years ago. Just this past December, Charlie George was born. If he is not sweet, I do not know what is! Oh my goodness, this boy is gonna steal some hearts--as if he hasn't already. Congratulations again you guys. He is adorable! You make quite a trio! Can't wait to see him again!


Long-time Friends

The newest addition to this family is Cally. She joined Tim, Brenda and her Jie Jie*, Emily just a couple months ago. It was so fun to meet her and get to see her in her first stages of walking. She is a doll! Emily proves to be a super-great big sister, too!
(*Jie Jie! A new word I learned from Cally, it means older sister)


Kelly, Luke, Asher & Olive

My friend Kelly and I go all the way back to Sunday School Class. We soon became friends and stuck together through Jr High and High School. She is now married to Luke, and this is their little guy Asher! What a sweet family! Olive may make an appearance as well! Enjoy!